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Robert Langford Photographer

I am a photographer with many years of experience. My journey in photography started in junior high school where I studied art, darkroom, film development and photography. During my summer school recesses, I worked as an intern at Time Life Magazine, New York and was very fascinated with the photo images contained in their magazine publications. Thereafter, I worked at the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in New York in the early 1980's where I met prominent celebrities and sport figures. Those experiences inspired me to purchase my first film camera and pursue photography. This lead me to establish Robert Langford Photography in 1999. My shooting style is crisp, clean, candid and photo journalistic. I'm fluent in highly crafted controlled  lighting as I am in natural light. I take great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of the people and subjects I photograph. My work captures timeless memories for you to treasure forever. 

My work has been featured in print and online publications such as "People You Need To Know Magazine," "Wall & Ceiling Magazine" and Soren Grondal's "Fluorescent Madness" novel.

My photography journey includes destination travels to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Italy, Greece, Jamaica and many locations throughout the United States.

For striking wedding, events, portraits, architectural, real estate aerial and breathtaking landscape photography contact me for bookings today.


"A Positive Image Could

Never Be A Negative"


800.801.7714 (Toll Free)

631.745.3113 (Cell) 

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